Husband swap: Sisters fall in love with each other’s husbands, decide to swap

Two sisters cheated behind each other’s back.

Interestingly enough, the two sisters of Hunan Province, China, swapped husbands after falling in love with each other’s spouse.

Sisters Liu Li and Liu Xiang were married to Feng Sheng and Wang Yang respectively.

Liu Xiang, the younger of the two, stayed in Hunan to take care of her child while her husband, Wang Yang, took a job in Shenzhen.

Liu Li’s husband Feng Sheng married into the Liu family and stayed in Hunan to take care of their baby while Li went to Shenzhen to work.

Liu Xiang and Feng Sheng fell for each other after several years of living together in Hunan; Liu Li and Wang Yang also started a relationship in Shenzhen. So, the two sisters got divorced, swapped partners, and remarried.

However, when the mother of the sisters was registering Liu Xiang and Feng Sheng’s new baby, she accidentally wrote down Liu Li’s name for the mother. The police launched an investigation as they believed that Liu Li had broken the one-child policy. Liu Li had to clear the confusion by explaining this unique situation, and thus words got out about this bizarre relationship.


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