AUDIO +VIDEO :TUNEILZ @Tuneilz1 prod_by YB Gabana

AUDIO +VIDEO :TUNEILZ  @Tuneilz1 prod_by YB Gabana an outstanding  artist and a brand,a force to recom with in the music industry.bringing a new sound and style to afrobeat/music.#MY WAY,his first single is a club banger giving his fans a direct connection about his life through this good song.#MY WAY is a club banger anyday TUNEILZ just got into the studio, without a plan or an idea, and managed to produce this beauty. I wouldn’t classify this as hip hop, or dancehall. It’s simply good music.” In a tune with the wise saying, “the taste of the pudding is in the eating”; we would refrain from letting the full cat out of the bag until today when you’ll be able to enjoy munching of the entire delicious #MY WAY pudding ,He said Download Stinking Shit and enjoy
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