OAU Student Builds Wind and Solar Powered Car For Final Year Project

His contraption is still a prototype and not suitable for everyday use yet (The battery requires about 4-5 hours to charge and is so heavy that he had to modify the suspensions to bear the weight of the battery) but it has already brought a new, possible solution to the major problem with electric cars–charging the battery. Solar powered electric cars aren’t new, but adding a wind-turbine to augment the solar charger when the car is in motion is something I personally haven’t come across as an idea before. It in theory, would make it possible to drive and charge at night when there is no sunlight.

Segun, who finishes his exams tomorrow, isn’t deterred by his main challenges which he states are finding the appropriate materials for his car, and people who tell him he is wasting his time building it and plans to keep improving the car till it is “Nigeria’s future car”

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