Music: Swithbarry- REVERSE@kayceerecords@Swithbarry3

Swith Barry2Swithbarry as he’s fondly called by fans & peers.
started his early music career at the age of ten(10) as a young boy
singing at every gathering & event, making the crowd cheer him with joy
& amazement of what this young boy could become musically with such
gift of talent. he could best described as mega star in today music
trend & styles that makes him unique…..MY a young talented
music star, having proved my mettle in some shows of locality & beyond
& been regarded as star, i intend improving on my gift of talent &
skills ,to go extra miles into its professionalism.    The aspiration
i got from my predecessors inspired me to do my best & stay on top of
the game.    LOOKOUT ..    he just dropped his single called
;”REVERSE” on KAYCEE RECORDS stable. Without for “REVERSE” viral & main
video coming soon … CIAO




13 thoughts on “Music: Swithbarry- REVERSE@kayceerecords@Swithbarry3

  1. Come wait ooooo y kaycee go sign this kind artist self….. Mp39ja chris na u dey post dis rubbish…. Who wan buy this song for market

  2. Today na today see waitin chris dey say make I download…. Chris of mp39ja you dey mad… Kaycee records watin self no le dis artist fall ur hand… Come sign peeps like us in

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