“After 10yrs, its over, I’m done!” — P-Square split.. (DETAILS)

Jude Okoye just took to twitter to post : “After over 10yrs of hardwork, its over. Am done.”

There’ve been rumours of disharmony in the Okoye family especially after their brother and producer, Jude Engees missed Peter Okoye’s wedding. While the wedding was on, Jude took to twitter to share a photo of he and Wizkid at a studio in Ghana, probably to distract those already insinuating but he however attende Paul Okoye’s wedding.

Peter Okoye however, in an interview with Vanguard in February had cleared the air saying:
Never! We are happy and we share 50-50 of everything. If we do an album now and I am responsible for all the jobs, Paul would still get his 50 per cent. Sometimes, I would write a song and sing the first verse. Paul’s voice may not be good for that second verse but you won’t be able to tell the difference. The only person who may push us to go solo is our mother and that is not going to be possible.

That didn’t stop the rumours flaring as a report of arguments and fights between the prolific duo kepts making waves and also with Jude Okoye setting up his own record label, North-Side Entertainment.

According to Linda, Peter and Paul Okoye of P-Square have been reportedly having issues for a while now. That the twin brothers practically disagree on everything now…songs, videos, ideas etc. That things even got out of hand last Wednesday April 16th, the brothers physically fought each other during rehearsals. They had to be separated by their dancers. Then that there are stories that one of the wives is the one causing some of the problems between the brothers.

We just hope this is just some random tweet cause Nigerians still haven’t recovered from the D’banj and Don Jazzy split and this will surely hit the fans badly.

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