Nothing can make me cut my dreadlocks — Phyno tells sabonet

No doubt, Phyno is coming to his own, not only by distinguishing himself as a Rastafarian with a touch of class but also by giving the hip-hop, Afrobeat guys a run for their money, in the music scene reggae guys are packing up their stuffs. Having done a collaboration with a Jamaican reggae great, Cocoa Tea, Phyno has also taken his music around the world, touring Europe and Asia, after seeing just about too much of Africa.
He is a cool dude, who does everything every Rastafarian does except looking gaudy like the most of them we have seen. He’s got the dreadlocks like most and he is as crazy as the next Rastafarian about it.
In a recent chat with Potpourri, Phyno revealed he has had his dreadlocks for thirteen years now and he doesn’t see how he would ever be seen without it
“Someone has actually begged me with a hundred thousand to have it cut. But nothing can make me cut it. It’s my identity, I’m a Rastafarian. I believe in living natural, the way God made me. I feel naked without my dreadlocks. When I was younger, my mum used to cut my hair and I used to feel so shy and naked. It gives me a lot of confidence” he said.

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