“My siblings are not ‘worthy’ to be my family” — Tonto Dikeh shades her family…

Today is world’s siblings day and Tonto Dikeh who had appeared not to be in tandem with her sibling took to her instagram page only to make this all clear with the photo and caption above. It will be recalled last year that when Tonto Dikeh granted and interview and said while in school she strived hard to make a living. She said she remembers the days she had begged to eat, and everything she owns today she worked hard for it. But one of her sisters was so fast to call her out on twitter, swearing and insisting none of them suffered while in school because their dad would have died for them, that was how much he loved us, she said.
One of her sisters, instead of covering her up, blasted her for denting their father’s image. Now this morning being National siblings day, Tonto tweeted and said, she was her own ‘family and sibling’ because she has none and whoever has a worthy sibling/family should not forget to show them love today and continually.

Peep more after the jump:
A couple of yrs ago, 2011 to be precise, Tonto had in an interview revealed about her family:
“”My mother gave birth to five; my dad got married to another woman. My step-mother has two children, but not for my father, so we are seven children, I have six siblings.From my mother, I am the third, but from my father, I’m the first…. My step mum is a very wonderful woman, the best step-mum in the whole world. She’s gorgeous.”
Below is a photo of her siblings Tonto shared last year. I wonder why she feels so bad about them.


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